Frequently Asked Questions

So how does it work?

BuddyBackup backs up your files over the internet onto your buddies' computers.

Once you've installed the software, you choose which files you want to backup, add your buddies (just like you would in an Instant Messaging program), and that's it!

Read more about how it works.

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Can my Buddies read my files?

No! Not even if they're really geeky! Your files are encrypted before they're sent meaning that the only person who can read them is you.

BuddyBackup uses the AES encryption system (a standard recommended by the US Government). Read more about privacy and security here.

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What if my buddies aren't online?

BuddyBackup will just keep track of the changes you've made and will back them up then next time a buddy comes online.

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Can my buddies back up to me?

Yes – the idea is that if you backup to your buddies, you let them backup to you as well. You do, however, have control over who you backup to, and who backs up to you.

You can also control how much space you want to allocate for backups.

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Can I backup to a USB drive/stick?

Yes you can backup to a removable drive/stick using USB or FireWire (IEE 1394). This just acts like another buddy, so BuddyBackup backs up to it when it's plugged in.

Just like when backing up to buddies, your files are encrypted before they're saved onto the drive, so your privacy is assured even if you lose your USB drive.

For advanced users, you can also backup to SAN, network folders, NFS folders, or any other folder on your file system.

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How easy is it to set up?

Once you've installed you can get started really quickly. Just add your buddies (this works a bit like an instant messaging client such as Windows Messenger), and choose what to backup (just clicking a few boxes), and that's it!

There are no backup schedules to setup, and BuddyBackup won't bug you again.

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Is it slow to back-up my files?

It's true that for really large amounts of data the first backup might take a while. But, BuddyBackup runs quietly in the background backing up your files all the time. It's also smart enough to use only a part of your bandwidth when you're using your computer.

What this means is that you can leave it doing the initial backup of your data while you're using your computer, so over the course of a few hours or days, it will just silently do its thing.

After the initial backup, you'll find things even quicker. BuddyBackup only sends changes within files over the internet. So, for example, if you add a few paragraphs to a big Word document, only those changes are sent, instead of sending the whole file again.

Finally, if you're geographically close to your buddies, and can get a USB drive or DVD to them, you can speed up the backups (and restore) using the Import/Export feature. This allows you to export your backups temporarily onto a USB drive (or other location). You then pass this to your buddy who imports them onto his PC (when you get the USB drive back, you can safely remove the files). Note that the files are encrypted before they leave your PC, so this process is just as safe as backing up over the internet. This means you can speed up backups greatly, but still have the benefits of a online and off-site backup. See Import and Export.

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What can I backup?

You can backup anything which is saved as a file on your computer. This includes documents, photos, music and pretty much anything else.

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Will it work on my home/office network?

BuddyBackup uses advanced Peer-to-Peer technology to ensure that you can backup to your buddies even if they're behind routers or firewalls.

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So what happens when I want to restore some files?

When you run BuddyBackup, it connects to your buddies and downloads the files back again. It just takes a few clicks to select the files you want restore, and that's it.

Your account details are saved online, so you can do this from any other computer – even a friends computer by using the Guest Mode.

BuddyBackup also keeps older versions of your files. This means if you accidentally overwrite a document, or make changes you want to reverse, you can "roll-back" to a previous version.

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Does BuddyBackup work on Windows 7?

Yes, BuddyBackup has been designed to work on Windows 7. It also works on XP, Vista, Server 2003, Sever 2008. It works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of those operating systems.

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Is use of BuddyBackup restricted?

No, it's not restricted in any way. You can use it to backup unlimited amounts of data (assuming your buddies have enough free space!) for free, even for commercial use. The basic BuddyBackup functionality will always be free.

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BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars